The Meeting Place, Inc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The Meeting Place, Inc.




Q. What is the purpose of The Meeting Place?


A. The Meeting Place was organized to provide a home for twelve-step recovery groups to meet in central Lincoln.


Q. What kind of organization is The Meeting Place?


A. The Meeting Place was chartered in 1990 under Nebraska law as a nonprofit corporation. It is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.


Q. How many groups are involved?


A. There were 22 groups when The Meeting Place opened in December 1990. As of January 2007, 45 groups were meeting in the building. See The Meeting Place Schedule for details.


Q. How many people attend meetings at The Meeting Place?


A. According to the twice-annual censuses, the building has about 5,000 visits each month. But since most patrons attend more than one meeting a week, the actual number of patrons may be more like 500.


Q. What is the financial set-up?


A. The building operates as a  co-op.  The groups pay rent to the corporation based on attendance. The corporation’s Board of Directors manages the building, paying off the building loans, providing utilities, insurance, repairs, etc. Financial reports are posted monthly.


Q. What is Central Office?


A. Central Office is a separate nonprofit corporation which rents space from The Meeting Place. Central Office answers the A.A. phone, pays for the answering service, sells recovery literature, medallions, etc., and serves as an information clearing house.


Q. Why does the building have so many rules?


A. “Rules We Can All Live By” posted in the building all grew out of specific incidents. Steering Committee and the Board of Directors try to keep peace in the building so people can concentrate on recovery.


Q. How can I get involved?


A. Steering Committee meets at 7 p.m. on the last Tuesday of the month in Room 2A. Group representatives discuss building operations and pay rent here. The Board of Directors meets immediately afterward. Anyone interested in becoming a director may submit an application to the board. New directors are added as vacancies occur.


Q. Who can I contact?


A. The current Board of Directors and their phone numbers are published on Meeting Place Schedules available at the building. Policy prevents phone numbers from being listed on the Internet.